Friday 25 September 2009

Mellow fruitfulness

My love of this season continues. Today, whilst driving through the countryside around Hardy's Green, Frank and I came upon a huge number of blackerry bushes. We leaped out of the van, grabbing a bowl as we went and filled it up. After half an hour one of us had a dark blue stained chin and had contributed a total of zero berries to the pot and the other had demurely eaten only one berry, saving the others for enjoying with creme fraiche (flavoured with maple syrup and vanilla extract, yum) at lunchtime.

I will leave you to guess which of us did which.
Lunch was eaten outside today as we are enjoying a September heatwave and my little man ate blackberries and chicken thighs like a pro. I love the way he has dessert and main on the same plate and generally just encourage this. Time enough to eat in other more prescriptive ways. We are grateful he loves his protein as this helps balance his blood sugar and he can always be relied upon to eat well.

We also visited a garden centre where Frank was given free reign to chose some plants for his big blue pot in front of the summerhouse in our garden. He chose peas, and despite my efforts to get him to go for more colour, he was firm and reasoned that he could eat them whilst playing. The 34 week wait fazed him not one bit.

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