Sunday 27 September 2009

A sunny Sunday

The fabulous weather continues and I spent the morning sitting in the garden finishing "The Girl on the Landing" by Paul Torday in anticipation of the book club meeting coming up. I have at least ten days yet but the next book is "Crime and Punishment" and so I reckon it's advisable to get ahead on that one.

At times the sun was too hot for me to stay out and I scurried into the shade.

Friends dropped in today and we all had a mellow time of it with the paddling pool getting a lot of use. Frank has again fallen asleep to the sound of me telling the story of "The Enormous Turnip". A vegetable theme has very much made itself felt today with Emily bringing yellow courgette muffins to go with our afternoon tea.

My evening is now being spent writing this, ironing, packing a bag with all the necessary paperwork for my first observation at a local school tomorrow morning and doing a little bit of this

whilst watching bench Monday photo streams on Flickr. Watch this space for muffinmoon's bench Mondays. Coming to a blog near you...

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