Monday, 2 November 2009

Bench Monday - Vintage Style

I spent a long time today pondering what my take on Bench Monday should be. Mondays are my night out with my fab friend, Lynne. I go to her place in the van, park up and we then walk into town for tea and talk at the cafe in the cinema. It's always such fun and much cheaper than therapy. The world gets put to rights, there is some moaning and we talk about ourselves, our shrivelling careers and child rearing philosophies.

This evening one of my moans was that it costs so much to order anything from etsy that I would have needed to pay 23 dollars to have a felted gnome for the nature table. It is, I have to admit, not top of my things to moan about list but Lynne immediately sensed the importance of a gnomeless nature table and offered me one that she has. I accepted and am very grateful.
It got me to thinking about gnomes in general and about the hat my sister gave us when Frank was born and that he wore on our trip his first Autumn. People in Denmark kept commenting on his resemblance to a gnome.

So, Bench Monday : Vintage Style offers you Frank the Gnome (and he's on a bench!).

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