Thursday, 19 November 2009

High Noon in Prettygate

Whilst I was preparing yummy carrot, curry and ginger soup from "Nourishing Traditions" my little family were all busy making our home cosy and clean for the days and weeks and months ahead.
Neko Case was playing very loudly in the kitchen, the door from the dining room to the garden was flung wide open, the air was mild and the sun was warm.
Budd was mowing his hair in preparation for mowing the grass. Isn't he beautiful?

Frank was fascinated (as always) by this and took a break from his hectic log loading schedule to watch. Isn't he also beautiful?
And Dobby the House Elf, sorry, Severine, was vacuuming and cleaning upstairs. She may even get promoted to an actual room of her own rather than the cupboard under the stairs if she carries on like this. She also whipped up a chicory and orange salad to go with the soup, bread and cheese. It goes without saying that she's beautiful too, being French and still in her twenties!
The soup was great. Really warming flavours. Frank wouldn't eat it but he's three and tells us frequently that he only likes to eat "just one thing" at a time. He then proceeds to have walnut bread, butter, yoghurt and an apple. They're fickle these pre-schoolers.

I will be back with more news soon as there is much to tell this week.
Life is moving on.
We are full of joy today and long may it continue.