Sunday, 1 November 2009

The eyes of a child

Frank has been developing an interest in having a go with the camera especially since I have been using it a lot more for the blog. Yesterday we went to the wonderful Beth Chatto Gardens and I took some photos of some red hot pokers. Frank then wanted to do the same. His picture made them loom so much more. I need to take the time to see the world through is eyes and to understand that his basic sensory experiences are so different to mine. For starters they start about three feet below mine!
And then today, at half three, I was so tired having been awake since 6am ,plus woken in mutant ninja toddler style to boot, and lying on the big bed with him upstairs reading Dr. Dog and Roary the Racing Car that my eyes closed for a moment and he was let loose with my camera. Budd joined us after a while and Frank managed to notch up 115 shots. The best are here.
His blood sugar as been stabilising after the last few days of cold and fever and his energy is soaring. He has his appetite back and as I write this I can hear him downstairs ordering his Daddy around whilst Sev chops veg.
And me? I am sitting in bed writing this. A stolen half hour. The best kind. Thanks Budd.

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