Thursday 11 March 2010


I turned 43 today.
I feel it and look it!
A year and a half of dealing with T1D has aged me.
Being a year and a half older has also aged me.
These are the pearls of wisdom I offer you today.
The day I became a year older.
The day Sev took me out for breakfast to The Food Company for eggs Benedict and coffee.
The day I took flapjacks to my Knit and Natter group.
The day Frank cried at lunchtime because I wasn't there to give him his injection and sometimes only Mummy will do.
The day my Mum went into hospital for a wrist operation.
And the day my love took me out to see the English/Argentinian (with Tango music) Romeo and Juliet at the Mercury Theatre.
A good day.


  1. You're doing great. And your forty-fourth year will be even better. xxx

  2. Happy belated birthday, Jules. Every experience is a milestone, however small; and looks don't count except to yourself when they make you feel depressed. You've no need to worry when you look in the mirror and your blog is a breath of fresh air.

  3. Yeah, me too - Belated Happy Birthday!
    In addition to "aging" you, remember that Frank will keep you young, too!
    Hope you had a great day!

  4. Thanks Colleen, your comments always help. And you are right, he does keep me young. He makes me very happy too.

  5. Belated birthday wishes! Having little people about certainly keeps me young, even though my greying hair tells a different story!!