Monday 22 March 2010

A Smooth Start to the Day

We have decided that Sunday is smoothie day.
So I whizzed up a raspberry and yoghurt smoothie for our breakfast (frozen raspberries are great).
As I was then working out the carbs I realised that it made for a pretty healthy and low carb breakfast for Frank.
We all followed it up with toast and almond butter, which is the spread of choice for all of us at the moment.
It was a little taste of all the berries to come in the Summer and we lapped it up.
As you can see, Frank made his feelings very clear!

We used 350g frozen raspberries, slightly thawed, and 300g natural yoghurt. Ice cubes can be added for more crunchy coldness.
Using my trusty hand blender I whizzed it all up amid "Mummy, be quiet!" and then "Ooh, smoovie!" and then the festivities began.
It was yummy and healthy and around 43g carbs for the whole jug.

It certainly floated our boat this Sunday and is a great way to eat berries that taste great but maybe aren't as pretty as the fresh ones flown in from Jupiter in your local supermarket.

(Confession: When Frank was younger I used to tell him this was "ice cream". He doesn't fall for that anymore. I also used to give him cornflakes and tell him they were crisps. I wouldn't get away with it anymore. The boy is snack-wise!)

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