Thursday 25 March 2010

Love Note

He knows, absolutely, that I love him.
And yet these are the notes I leave him after six and a half years of marriage and a decade together.
Today as I was rushing to get Frank's lunch ready and packed for pre-school I realised I wasn't going to be the one injecting his insulin at lunchtime and that I was actually going to be an hour's drive away.
I quickly wrote down the carbs for his lunch and what I considered to be the corresponding units of insulin.
I left it by the kettle. My man likes a good cup of tea so it's the place he will go to most.
These are the new routines. More to remember. More to do. Layers of responsibility.
And he thanked me when I called him after lunch and asked how it had all gone and how Frank's numbers had been.
He understands that his note was a Love Letter of the New Era. Post D-Day.
And from the heart.
Thank you too, my love.
We are in this together.

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