Thursday 18 March 2010

A woolly saga

About a month ago I bought some lovely chunky wool with the idea of finally knitting a hat that fits and suits Andrew. I had tried a couple before but they looked so bad that I didn't even get a photo.
This one came out enormous and we called it Hagrid's Hat before I frogged it and started again.

Enter this nifty little number.
It fits him.
It suits him.
And I made it in an evening.
The little Frankster is also sporting a new hat this week with this stash-busting little number.
He wore it proudly to watch the Jock Wadley Race on Sunday. He loved seeing the big group of cyclists pouring around the corners.
Poetry in motion.
We love cycle racing in this house and are glued to the Tour de France coverage every Summer. Can you imagine the dodgy deals we tried to strike with each other about who put Frank to bed each evening in July?! Coverage here begins at 7pm. Prime baby bed time.

Maybe this year Frank will want to stay up late and watch it himself?

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