Friday 2 April 2010


I offer up my excuses for not blogging much last week.
It began with my first attempt at felting (a nod here to Amanda at for her advice and materials). Frank was my willing helper for, oh, about three seconds, before being happier playing with his trains and watching me get on with the job. I ended up with eight eggs and left them to dry on a smiley Moomin towel.
Here they all are.

Lots of mistakes and odd bits hanging off them but I was inordinately proud of my first attempts. I was also in awe of anyone that manages to do this regularly. It took me ages!
A few days later I cut them open, removed the plastic eggs from inside and sewed blanket stitch around the openings to make them look pretty.
I do believe I made them too thick. They look like something from the Little Shop of Horrors!! Although I quite like that about them.
After eggs came the puppets to go with one of our favourite stories "Sharing a Shell" by Julia Donaldson (of Gruffalo fame) and illustrated by Lydia Monks, whose illustrations I love.

We made bread by hand, kneading it and plaiting it. It is a granary wholewheat mix and could sink a ship!
Just the way I like it after years spent in Germany and loving the dark heavy breads out there.

Then I finished a wall tidy I had been making for Frank's room as well as a banner. Inspired by Amanda Blake Soule (check her out at and her fab book "Handmade Home" I used old blankets and material from scraps already here at home, aside from the cute grizzly bear material which was a patchwork scrap from a shop in town.

Frank's room was also newly painted and looks so much fresher and warmer. Doing the painting whilst he was at pre-school was fun, especially with the dulcet tones of the wonderful Tony Hillerman reading three of his Jim Chee and Joe Leaphorn novels to me as I painted. Wonderful stuff!
Next week will be quieter and involve some good walks and fresh air.


  1. Ok - I've never seen felt eggs - how cool. Do you put stuff in them?
    And - wall tidy - had me stumped until I saw the photo. What a great idea for a child's room! Actually, I could probably use several of them.
    Your bread looks delicious!

  2. Hi Colleen,
    The bread was delicious. Frank likes his new room but wants more things "to point at" whatever that means! Good to hear from you. Are you well?