Thursday 1 April 2010

30 Days of Beauty : 12 : Comfort

It is 8:45pm.
Frank is chatting away to himself upstairs.
Budd is out having dinner.
I am alone after a day spent dealing with a migraine. I don't get headaches as such but had flashing jagged lights before my eyes all morning today and have felt like my brain is too big for my skull. This must be a migraine as my brain is really quite small, I'm sure.
So, this is dinner and the comforting hour I have planned.
Porridge made with oats and oat milk. Stewed dried apricots and maple syrup. A cup pf Sleep Easy tea (oh, well, if I must!), Green Parent magazine and in case any of you thought I was in any way a purist Master Chef and then Have I Got News for You on TV. The knitting will be out once the oats have been applied to my face.
Bliss ...
I will be back tomorrow with tales of my week, which has been eventful and full of creative times. Frank and I made puppets, I made felted eggs, I decorated Frank's bedroom, I sewed and knitted and made bread too. We also had two hypos to deal with in two hours on one day. What a humdinger of a week. Not a dull moment and I'll share the tales and pictures this weekend.

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  1. You're ahead of me with the 30 Days of Beauty. I had such good intentions. The recent rains haven't helped.
    I love it when young ones chat to/with themselves. The conversations are usually quite amazing.
    Sorry about your headache...
    The word verification was "toodine." Wow!