Saturday 10 April 2010

Strange Fruit : Bob the Builder Style

An afternoon spent in the garden today, digging and rolling and telling all the machines it was "action stations". This I have to declare in my best Bob voice before they will deign to come to my aid.
Frank was helping me to prepare the ground for a new herb bed and then he took a break from digging and rolling to decorate our little quince tree with special fruit! It really made me smile.

His blood sugar has been steady these past couple of days after a rather frightening 4am reading of 4.0 two nights ago.
I had woken and felt uneasy.
No idea why but I felt compelled to test.
I have written before about trusting your gut feelings and they proved right again.
Had I not tested he would have been hypoing (well, it's a verb in this house!) quite quickly.

As it was the problem was averted but as you can all imagine, restful sleep can be elusive with this bad sprite in the house.
However, I am constantly amazed at all our resilience. I have aged so much over the past eighteen months (we love using the mad phrase " Some of us aren't getting any younger" in this house. Andrew was at a meeting once when someone said it and he just remembered how crazy it was. As though some of us have halted time and aren't getting any older).
There is something in the life force of this boy, who is so small but fills a room with his personality and presence that makes me live in the moment.
With all the myriad issues we may have to face in the future,
I am thankful for that.


  1. Instinct is an incredible thing. And it is there to protect after all!!


  2. Thanks, Al. I continue to be surprised by how spot on instinct can be. Good to hear from you.

  3. Wonderful photos, Jules. Franca and I both look forward to reading your posts. They are filled with love, resilience and beauty. Thank you.


    p.s. having trouble posting comments. For some reason could not post from Without Envy, but had to go through blogger, which I don't use. Anyway, it is good to hear from you. Hope the hypos have taken a hiatus.