Saturday 24 April 2010

Severine takes her leave of Colchester

Life has been hectic in the best of ways since my last post.
Severine came home for her final weekend with us before beginning her new job in Henley-on-Thames (Woo hoo! She got a job! And a good one!)
In an attempt to fill the days with all our favourite things we crammed a lot in, much of it food related.

We fed the ducks in Lexden Park.

We did lots of colouring in various cafes and restaurants.

We went to Mersea in the van and had an amazing picnic.

With yummy rye bread and a seafood platter from The Oyster Bar.

Frank even tried to perfect his most natural of smiles and I was very proud of him for trying lots of the fish that he hadn't tried before. He tends to be quite stuck on the foods he loves and won't consider variations but today he really went for it.

On the diabetes front we got it all a bit wrong yesterday and he went to bed at 22.3 and woke at 14.2. Horrendous numbers but we really can't risk injecting more at night than we already have as he is so young and is possibly still "honeymooning" and producing a bit of his own insulin, not a lot but enough to bring on a hypo. The results of a nighttime hypo are too awful to imagine whereas a daytime one can be seen and dealt with.

However, with seafood, sandcastle building and Mummy and Daddy paying massively close attention today we have seen a whole day of great numbers. And for dinner this evening, none of us were very hungry so we all shared a large pate of sliced up fruit. The great aspect of the increase in injections is the flexibility of just letting a hungry boy eat what he wants and injecting accordingly.
He even had a small cup of homemade hot chocolate for his bedtime snack (semi-skimmed milk, a dash of double cream and Green & Blacks Maya Gold chocolate) and it was all accounted for in his injection.

Don't get me wrong, diabetes and I will never be friends, but sometimes we seem to co-exist in a fluid way. I like these days, things make a bit of sense and the hard work seems to be paying off.

My boy is learning about carbs and injections and we are enjoying a positive and co-operative phase.
My, how I love him, the hard work is sooooo worth it.


  1. Many congrats to Severine ... and lots and lots of love to you two toooooo x x x

  2. and Andrew as well of course x

  3. Just popped across from that man of yours blog. Just being nosey really!

    Some lovely photos both of the wee fella and that fabulous seafood platter. I feel quite peckish now!.

    Your post immediately made me think of your situation with Frank whom I know of from Big Swifty's excellent ramblings. The relationship you both have with this horrible situation made me think of the old adage

    'Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer still'