Sunday 11 July 2010

Four : The Party!

Frank's party went swimmingly today.
We decorated the garden with bunting and a pirate flag. We also got out all Frank's garden toys and his rocking horse for all the children to play with.
We had pass the parcel, with healthy prizes. Such as Panda liquorice and dried fruit swirls.
We all took turns cuddling the babies that came along, all of whom were most well-behaved and hugely chubby and cuddly.

Sev wore vintage as only she can, and looked stunning.
I put up the tent that I made from the old dining room curtains and the children used it as a reading tent to escape the madness of full-on party mode and to get out of the heat.

Beautiful Kaija was there.

And the chocolate beetroot cake received its coating of chocolate ganache (melt around 4 tablespoons double cream with 100g of dark chocolate in a bowl over a pan of simmering water, beat until smooth and pour onto cake. Top this with berries galore. Apply to face!)

The children loved it!

Frank took the "apply to face" bit rather seriously.

We also enjoyed jam doughnut muffins and Sev's courgette, lime and raspberry sponge with mascarpone cream.

Frank was so excited by this special day that once I got him to bed at nine and rushed downstairs to catch the end of the World Cup he came padding down and watched it with us, feeling so grown up now he's four.

Thank you for all your good wishes for his birthday.

He had the best time.


  1. What a lovely party! Glad Frank had a great time. Happy 4th Frank!

  2. Thanks for posting the photos of 4 year old Frank. He's such a cutie and the party sounded like great fun!

  3. Happy Birthday Frank! It sounds like such a lovely party! And you have me drooling over those desserts!

  4. going to have to try the choc and beetroot cake looks yummy!!

  5. Looks like a lovely party!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog; it made my day. I agree--it feels crazy to boil anything in the summer. And yet, I was making plum jam all day today. It's worth it in the end! Last year, I made some of my jams in the fall by freezing the fruit until then; it worked well, and the extra heat was welcome then. I plan to do that with raspberry jam this year.

  6. Looks like the perfect 4 yr birthday party! So glad you all had such a lovely time. Happy birthday again to Frank!

  7. Happy birthday Frank! What fun...and the desserts look sooooo yummy :)

    So glad that the party was a wonderful success.

  8. Great party and I LOVE your cake stand!

  9. i've cut and pasted the choc and beetroot cake recipe. looks VERY good!