Wednesday 21 July 2010

Yes, this is England!

Today saw us in Frinton on the East coast of East Anglia.
A lovely place.
The sea was calm and we had a fantastic day paddling, building sandcastles and running around.
When England gets weather like this, it is sublime.
Frank had a great time and was textilfrei (German euphemism for stark naked!) for most of the time so I don't have many pictures of him that I can share.

Except this cute T-Rex one.

Anne and I are in our third decade of friendship. We have seen each other through a lot.
She has always tanned better than me!
(Guess who the D-Mum is? Look at the size of the bag I carry!!)

I am looking forward to more days like these (maybe minus the startling pre-lunch reading of 2.7 that had me bewildered as Frank had just eaten a cake and had a biscuit too; what is with that?!)
So good for body and soul these days outside as nature sings her Summer songs.


  1. I have friends who tan, also. They're very annoying but I've learned to deal with it:)

  2. What an amazing day! And I love your bag. I think you just discovered a way to spot a D Mom a mile away. Big bag = prepared Mom.

  3. Love the pics, my friend! I know I have been absent for a while now...I'm just catching up on all my bloggy friends and their wonderful posts! Glad that you are having a beautiful summer.