Friday 23 July 2010

Yoga Mat Bag

I had planned to make a wall hanging.
I decided to make a yoga mat bag.
I have only been going to yoga for three weeks but am really enjoying it.
My yoga mat is one that Mr Muffinmoon bought when he did a class a couple of years ago. It is bubble gum pink, as was the bag it came in.
I fancied something less strident.
Enter this.
The material was an off-cut from the Knit and Stitch Show last September at Alexandra Palace in London and I am really happy to have found a good fate for it!
The handle is an old jeans belt of mine from some jeans that fell apart.
It feels good to be sewing again...

Have a good weekend.
I'll be back next week.


  1. Great bag! Didn't know you are a sewer too! I'm a quilter mainly and lately, oh how I miss it. Amazing when you go back to it, how much you miss it huh?! Great work and great bag!

  2. Very cute!!! Learning to sew is one of the things on my List...something I have always wanted to learn.

    Love the bag, have a great weekend Jules!