Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sunday lunch and a breakthrough!

We had a lovely hang around at home, dig the garden, bake cakes, hang out washing, build Lego and do some watercolour painting kind of day.
Just lovely.
Friends came by in the afternoon for cake (date slices, yum! warm from the oven, double yum!) and Frank learnt to shell peas.

We had an amazing chunk of Stilton with our lunch and I treated us all to some organic grapes to go with it all (and nearly had to sell a kidney to afford them!).

One of our many dinosaurs joined us at the table.

My boy loves eating peas, raw, that he has shelled himself. He has been really into this recently and will eat loads of them. I encourage this as he avoids green things other than peas and celery at the moment.

Then after this stonking lunch we had a hypo of 3.1 a couple of hours later.
But in an amazing breakthrough Frank actually told us.
He said "My tummy feels funny, I think you need to test me".
Major cuddles and Brownie points for that one.
I was so proud of him.
Some juice and a date slice and he was good to go.

And so are we, battling each low and dealing with each high and trying to be good parents.
Trying to make our boy proud to be diabetic and to stand among so many amazing children and their families.


  1. Sounds like a delightful day!!! I'm so happy that he was able to tell you that he wasn't feeling well and needed to be tested...YAY!

    That's wonderful :)

  2. Yay for Frank! That is so great that he noticed and was able to tell you!

    I saw your pictures of the beach - I love the beach and building sandcastles. So glad you got to enjoy it.

    I also saw that you are reading Little House on the Prairie. My mom read those to us when we were growing up and started my love affair with reading! I hope you enjoy them.

  3. We are awash with fresh peas here at the moment and delicious they are too. I feel a recipe request coming on for date slices please. A few words from Frank but monumental ones,well done little man!

  4. Lovely post and Yeah! for Frank (and for you, you good Mama!)

  5. Clever Frank! That brings back some memories, I didn't have a hypo until I was about 16, up til then I always had a funny tummy!