Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Up, Up and Away

I have a problem, it seems.
I'll confess now:
My name is Jules and since my child was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes I am a metaphoroholic.
Can't seem to help myself.
Even on my first hour or two home from the hospital, two years ago, whilst Frank and Mr Muffinmoon were still there, I looked at my little boys' toys and clothes and at his empty room and thought of Tiny Tim's little crutch from "A Christmas Carol".
My husband totally calls me on this and at least makes me smile when I get mawkish.
So, on to today's choice of title.
On Thursday this week we go to Addenbrookes hospital in Cambridge to begin our pump journey.
I do hope it goes more smoothly than our kite flying attempts yesterday out at Cudmore Grove in East Mersea.
That kite smashed into the ground with such force!
Not a great thing for a woman obsessed with metaphors...

I have been chatting to Frank to prepare him and he thinks a pump is a good idea because the injections hurt.
My boy is brave and takes the hurt four times a day along with numerous finger pricks too.
Today I took him to Frinton where we met his friend Halim and his family.
Look at those happy faces!
(I asked them to laugh their most cheeky laughs; this is what I got!!)

And finally, I end with a gratuitous Moomin photo.
Green tea was drunk from this, my favourite little Moomin mug, as I watched the children building sand castles and drawing train tracks in the sand.

Think of us three on Thursday. I will be back very soon with a mountain of questions for you all, I'm sure. I just can't think of any at the moment. I believe they are being drowned out by the white noise in the tiny walnut that is my brain ...


  1. Good luck on your pump journey. I know it will go well, I have faith that it will. Keep us posted.

  2. Jules, you KNOW we'll be thinking of you and sweet Frank! I won't lie to you, learning everything for the pump was pretty stressful for me, but it is SO SO worth it! Good luck!

  3. I am ready with my 'oh help what do I do now?' book! We will be thinking of you tomorrow. Big Hugs:)

  4. Good luck Jules! I will be thinking of you. I agree with Amanda..the learning curve is steep but so worth it.

  5. Bonne Chance, little fella. Our best wishes are with you all.
    Here's to new less painful metaphors!

  6. Best of luck and I look forward to your updates! My 13 year old son just learned how to give himself injections with the insulin pen and he's not interested in the pump.
    I really want to look into the pump and I know we'll get there one day so I just have to be patient! Even though I often feel overwhelmed when learning something new about diabetes I also feel empowered by the knowledge. Cheers to learning about a new tool to help Frank!

  7. Thanks for sharing those pics, love them! I'll be thinking of you guys in this part of your journey.

  8. Jules...I love your blog. Frank is adorable!!! In reference to a different post...but he totally looks ready to sport that medtronic pump. SMILES.