Monday 6 September 2010

En route

We finally have the internet back and I have been longing to let you all know how it went last week at the hospital.

To sum up: it was a hugely positive experience.

All the nurses and doctors knew so much about Type 1 that there was no explaining ANYTHING.

It was all just known and seen and understood.

We spent time going through the story of us and our boy's diagnosis after which we had a good look at some different pumps and went over the absolute basics of how they work.

That really annoying thing happened when you get asked if you have any questions and you (well, I do this, maybe I am the only one) go totally blank and almost ask where they got their lovely shoes or some such inanity just for something to say!

So, at the end of all this and after seeing three different people we have the following great news:

Frank is at the 50th centile for both height and weight (he was lower for at least a year after diagnosis so we feel very pleased about this)

We are on the list for a pump (we went for Medtronic and Frank went for blue) and should be good to go sometime around the New Year.

Frank HBa1c is at 7.7 according to the Addenbrooke's test - so he's holding steady.

And breathe ...


And here he is, the Boy Wonder himself, wearing and old, spare pump for practice. He loved the idea of a pump and was really into it meaning no injections (most of the time) and into clipping it on his trousers.

Every time I ask him to come over for his insulin now he says "I don't need insulin, I've got this!" and he points to his pump and does a kind of superhero stance.

Just adorable (it is possible I am biased!). And a close up in which you can also see his black crayon (he insisted everyone had to see his crayons and who am I to deny this?).

I found myself very tired after the build up to the hospital visit and so this week we will be enjoying quiet days at home. Today that involved lots of leaf rubbings and colouring as well as a trip to the local library for Autumnal-themed books and then some gardening.

You can see some of Frank's leaf rubbings hanging on the art wire behind him. They look so great as all the veins are picked out and we tried to choose autumnal colours. Some of these will be used for birthday cards and some to stick onto brown paper for wrapping paper.

I love crafty little activities like these and they remind me of how many hours I spent doing the same kind of things as a child.

So, we wait now.

And an idea of a trip to France in January might have to go on hold as we need to be around and available then.

No problem.

Maybe we'll just go earlier, maybe December again as we loved it so much last time.

Brittany is calling me.

But then it almost always does!


  1. Yay! I think you'll love having the pump, once you get over the initial (sorry, can't help it) bump.

  2. Hooray for minimed! We have a blue one too! (And a purple one...and a black one...:)

    I'm so glad the hospital was a positive experience, and especially happy that you are home now making memories with your gorgeous boy!

  3. Super Frank! We love Blue minimed pumps too!

  4. So so glad to hear it went well. Frank is such a cutie! We have been doing leaf rubbings over here too and just got a pile of autumnal book out of the library..I do love this time of year! Take care friend and have a great week!

  5. So glad that you had a good experience at the hospital! I always go blank too when they ask if I have any questions...and I thought I was the only one who did that ;)

    Love the art work, looks like lots and lots of fun!