Sunday, 16 October 2011

At Daymen's Hill Orchard

A few days ago Frank and I drove out towards Tiptree for a new adventure.
My friend Sue had told me of a family run fruit farm where you can pick your own apples and pears.
Moved to action by the evocative postings of some blogging friends in the US I wanted a little apple picking action of my own and in this Frank was a very willing partner.
It was just so very lovely.
The trees were groaning with the fruit and I filled a basket with pears and one with apples.
Notice Frank's stance here? He quickly adopted a defensive head-kind-of-down stance after being hit on the bonce one too many times as he pulled the fruit free.
This fruit was so very ready to fall it needed little encouragement!

Then he sloped off to eat blackberries direct from the bush whilst I paid and dreamt of all the yummy things I was going to make with all that fruit.
I so love autumn and it's days of plenty and those first signs of people lighting fires and wearing socks and scarves.

And in the D-news we were at Addenbrooke's hospital for our quarterly pump clinic and check up and came away with some new ratios and some big smiles : 7.3.
Holding steady.


  1. Aww. The 7.3 makes me smile. Love to you and yours Jules.

  2. Love that first pic of Frank in the tree! We went apple-picking just this morning (2 more bushels, all destined to be dried apples, if you can believe it! These kids eat a LOT of dried apples.) So cool to see friends on the other side of the world enjoying the same things we do!

  3. ah what a lovely lovely post, it makes me smile. and what a great a1c! keep on keepin on! :)