Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The blanket I knitted to relieve D-stress!

May I introduce you to this lovely little number?
It is a small blanket, perfect for having over your knees on a cold winter's evening or at the open air theatre in summer.
Or even for carrying around with you, Linus style, when your D-kid is ill!
The pattern is Hap Blanket by Ysolde Teague and is my first real attempt at lace knitting - Ravelry notes here.
I knitted the whole blanket on our holiday in Holland (and even made a baby hat for Frieda too!) which gives you some indication of how relaxing a holiday it was and how much I needed to keep myself quietly occupied.
Basically the centre block is garter stitch and then you pick up around the edges and knit the lace.
This is my sister's Christmas present (along with a tea cosy, which I will show you once it's finished) and these colours are very much her thing. Heather doesn't read my blog so I think I am safe in showing it off here (if you are popping by Heather, um, Happy Christmas!).


This knitting was just what I needed after the week before the holiday when Frank was ill.
I am aware that I am not writing about the D much at present.
Believe me it's always there and has been challenging recently.
I was completely wrung out before the trip to Holland as Frank had had a fever for three days and then diahorrea for four days and continued to be low on energy and not really eating when we packed the van and headed off to the ferry port.
I had been in two minds about whether to go or not but we had discussed it and felt that he was on the mend and they have hospitals and doctors and medicine in Holland after all!
So, we went and after a couple of days he perked up, started eating like mad and was fine.
Again, it comes back to the idea of getting out and just going for it and yet this is such uneven ground.
We were not taking a regular healthy child away, we were taking a child WITH DIABETES away and it was scary.
We are three years in to this bloody game (anniversary if diagnosis next Monday, in fact) and it does not get easier to make decisions like this one.
In all honesty though, I did make this decision knowing, absolutely knowing, that I would be able to make better calls regarding Frank's health than pretty much any other health professional and that I wasn't afraid to tell people what to do, should it come to it!
I am D-Mum, hear me roar!


  1. The blanket is gorgeous! You are talented, Jules!

    I can imagine how you struggled with the decision to go to Holland or stay home. I'm so glad Frank was fine and all turned out well.

    Lastly, I'm chuckling. A couple of days ago, I wrote a blog post about an experience we'd had. It's sitting in my queue and I intend to publish it within the week. But what made me laugh was that my last line was the same as yours in this piece. Yes, indeed, hear us roar! :)

  2. I hear you, Mama lion! D is just as easy on the road and traveling as long as his stand-in pancreas is along for the trip. So glad you took the challenge and got our and about . . . anid relieved Frank perked up and was able to enjoy the vacation.

    That blanket is pure loveliness. I need to hop on the knitting bandwagon and learn how to work those needles. How about you hop on a plane and come to teach me! Bring Frank along and he can join in our homeschool ;)

  3. Oh, my goodness, Jules, how scary for you to have to make that decision. I'm even happier for you now about your great vacation, knowing how it began!

  4. beautiful blanket jules!

    and i could relate so much to your worry about going on holiday. but i am so so glad you did, as i'm sure you and the rest of the fam are as well. :)

  5. Your trip to Holland sounds to have been a great tonic - so glad you managed to get away.Next step(or giant leap actually!), which we have just taken, is a trip away for just Mum and Dad. We all survived I am pleased to say!

  6. Love the blankie!!! AND, yep, NO ONE knows your D kiddo better than you Jules. Your ROAR is heard in Vermont my friend. I love it.

  7. the blanket is beautiful, I am dreaming of finding the focus to sit down and knit something creative and new this fall/winter.
    I hope Frank is feeling fine now. I am impressed with your decision to go knowing that you are fully able to care for him either at home or away, I will admit that I am still so very anxious of illness with Isaac. We've somehow lucked out with no major sicknesses since dx...knock on wood...I am hoping that doesn't change this year, but at least I know so many great d mamas that have helped their children through it all. Enjoy the rest of your week :)

  8. I love your blanket. And I love your roar!

  9. Ugh, so sorry about the d-stress. :( But the blanket is beautiful and it looks like you are a natural at lace knitting!! (PS: I just friended you on Ravelry!!)