Monday 24 October 2011

ships & seaside

Ah, Frinton beach on a bright October day.
Looks idyllic eh?
Certainly did from the windscreen of the camper van as I parked and then I couldn't open the door to get out as the wind was an Easterly and was a flippin' strong one!
I pushed with my shoulder and it slammed right back in my face.
But, I am British, we love a romp on the beach in such weather; the sky was blue, the waves were, um, choppy and we were anyway meeting with my friend Emily and her two boys Halim and Zakir.
We all braved the wind and walked from Frinton to Walton pier and back before picnicking in a shelter.
The running around did me good.
The wind in my face was such a tonic.
And I was able to wear, for the first time and for its inaugural visit to Frinton, my just-completed and much swooned over (only by me to be honest; it can be lonely being the only yarn botherer in the house!) ships & seaside cowl.
I have but recently discovered Stephanie Dosen's knitting patterns and just love the charm of them. She does admittedly look a bit more serene and dainty in her cowl than I do at 5'10" and windswept but the great thing about this cowl is it felt beautiful and was absolutely ideal in the strong East of England (the wind blew Emily's youngest Zakir, at barely three and quite petite anyway, clean off his feet and onto the sand!).
And here I am sooooo happily wearing it, along with many other layers and a real frozen smile!
And lastly, a picture of my boy, the one my heart beats for.
Every day.

Back soon, with tales of ratio alterations : up, down, no up again, no too much down again. Sound familiar?!
And with a stonking soup recipe.
Lovely love to all and yes, I did get A LOT of oxygen at that beach and am a little high on it methinks ...


  1. ahhhh i so love it when you post photos! your smiling layers! and sweet-faced frank, writing his name in the sand. also, how reading words like STONKING just put a smile on my face.

    and yes, we're dealing with basal and ratio changes here too, i think a(nother!) growth spurt is to blame.

  2. so need one of those cowls today...the wind was whipping big time. not enough to sweep a three year old away, thankfully!
    could totally use a stroll on the beach right about now!!

  3. Hah--looks like the kind of day we always choose to go to the beach (Maine in January, anyone?). That's a great cowl! Just the thing for a windy beach!

    And, oh, my goodness! I received your package today; such a treat! Thank you so so much; it made my day. But I want to send you a real old-fashioned thank you in the mail. Is that return address on the back enough to send it to?

  4. Looks perfect, and so similar to a trip to the beach here in the Pacific Northwest :) I love the cowl, I'm working on a few myself, sadly since it's a few and not just one I wonder if I'll finish I keep adding more projects, someday I need to just hunker down with a pot of tea and knit the day away :)

  5. Tonic indeed - it looks like just what I need, myself! What a beautiful clear day, very well captured :o)

  6. Stonking - what a brilliant word (says the Yank)! Daily tweaks - sigh.