Monday 17 October 2011

Corners of my home - Reality Bites!

I love it when people post about the pretty little corners of their homes.
I find it inspiring and uplifting and really, honestly not at all guilt-inducing about my own home.
And on this note I couldn't resist the other day taking photos of my home in all its post-holiday glory.
I guarantee it won't induce any guilt in anyone!The kitchen counter with
  • one rubber glove; can't find its partner
  • diabetes kit open and mid-use
  • piles of books. leaflets and recharging cords
  • basket of quinces from the garden
  • tea towel flung and left

A corner near the fridge:
  • there are cars, always, all over the house, and I love these little reminders of my boy. They are painful reminders when you tread barefoot on them too!
The hob:
  • River Cottage Preserves book open to the left as I was making quince & apple sauce
  • Spuds and soup on the hob.
  • Dinosaurs on the counter; like cars there are dinos everywhere.
  • And a globe pencil sharpener. What home is complete without a globe pencil sharpener?

In choosing to photograph my home in its real state I managed to find it funny that we were living so chaotically for a while.
Things are tidier today but that might change tomorrow.
That this is just how it is, suits me just fine.


  1. I don't particularly like looking at photos of neat and tiny corners of people's corners . . . they make me nervous. How much time is necessary to keep these spaces so nice and clean?!

    Your photos show a darling peek into your family's life. I love the sunny spot in the kitchen and the cars on the floor mean Frank gets to play freely and with a wide open imagination.

    I love the signs thatsaysomething to

  2. Ack . . . My keyboard is seizing up! The signs that say something tote effect of "A tidy house lacks fun . . . . ". Or, at least I tell myself that wheni don't cleanup my own messes ;)

  3. Ahhh, I love seeing your home! They say a tidy home is the sign of a sick mind, so at least we are not sick in that way! I love a little chaos!!!

  4. Bless you for sharing! You should see my house right now (I'm not sure you can see it under all the piles!). But, hey, at least the mess all over my kitchen counters is sticky tasty peach jam (I'm in high-gear canning mode right now).

    Thanks for your comment on my blog; it feels good to be back! (And I'm eagerly watching the mail!)

  5. I love it - our house has several "neat" corners, but not many...currently I am shocked at the amount of books we have piled EVERYWHERE. Someday we need to splurge and buy more bookshelves, but for now we've got some amazing towers!

  6. Love your cooker and your house looks like a house where people live life and have fun!

  7. ah, thanks so much for this peek into your daily lives! i love it! (also dig the post title, i was just speaking of that movie earlier today) (unless you didn't mean to refer to the movie) (in which case, never mind). :)

  8. I think it all looks pretty good to me. You should see the state of mine, sometimes!
    I tend to focus in on things in photographs so the mess is hidden but also having older children begging to do jobs for extra cash is useful for keeping the place tidy ;o)