Saturday, 22 October 2011

Colchester 24

~ be here now ~

I have been really pleased to be able to take part in a lovely local project called Colchester24, a town-wide photography project that was open to anyone living in Colchester.
The idea is to record twenty-four hours in the life of the town by snapping pictures of your life and what you are doing from noon on Friday 21st October to noon on Saturday 22nd October 2011.
I submitted the following photos and will be very interested in seeing the collection once it is completed.
It makes for fascinating viewing looking back at the accepted submissions from 25 years ago, which, if you're interested, can be found here.

~ waiting for his porridge to cool ~
~ never not knitting ~
~ patching the door snake ~
~ the little chef ~

A happy weekend to you all.


  1. oh i love that quote 'be here now'.

    fab pics, as ever, do let us know how it goes. i checked out the 1986 pics (though your link is borked) and i especially enjoyed this one:

    i lived in the UK from 1984-1986 and saw some familiar sights in some of those pics. fantastic. :)

  2. ps, thanks for your very sweet comment on my blog. i tried to email you directly but couldn't find your address.


  3. Oh, I love it, Jules! : ) That door snake is so cute-as is that new picture of your son up there! He's a doll! : )