Sunday 2 May 2010

Rainy Sunday

Rain, rain, rain.
Today we stayed indoors and just kind of hung out together.
It was Smoothie Sunday, so the day started with smoothies and a funny boy with a moustache. We moved on to Lego.

Great concentration was needed.

There were stories told with props and songs.

A crab in the hospital being healed by Peter Rabbit.

Then pink grapefruit marmalade was made and the whole house was filled with the wonderful smell of citrus.

Grapefruits were boiled.
Until they looked squishy and rather sorry for themselves.
Lemons were disembowelled.

All was boiled with a mountain of sugar.
Poured into jars.
And left to set.
And we finally got a number below 10 for Frank's blood sugar after a difficult week of numbers consistently in the teens and of changing wet pyjamas and beds three times most nights.
We are tired and ready for a few days of no bed changing.
Our washing machine regards me balefully each time I enter the kitchen.
It, too, is over-worked and under-rested.
I will be back tomorrow with my latest knitting and sewing projects to be completed.
We love needles in this house, they create beautiful things and keep beautiful people alive.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful rainy Sunday! I will be hoping for better numbers for your son, that is always soooo difficult :(

    That pink grapefruit marmalade looks yummy!