Tuesday 28 September 2010

Frank let loose with a camera

We have been enjoying some family time here on muffinmoon mountain and I have forced myself to take a few days away from the computer. I find it hard and D-blogs and crafty-type blogs are such a comfort to me and I find I always feel better after reading them.
Mr Muffinmoon has a few days off work and we have decided to go out for day trips and get to grips with the garden.
We picked all our grapes yesterday and are now busy juicing them.
The juice doesn't last long but it tastes great and a glut of something is a very memorable thing for my little boy.
Frank and his Daddy also went scrumping for apples and we now have masses of them to store and process.
I love Autumn so much for this feeling of plenty and of squirreling away for leaner days.
I have made more than 20 jars of Cider Apple Butter and five bottles of grape juice as well as stewed apple with cloves.
Next up is an apple and thyme tart later this week and more mountains of stewed apples.
During all this boiling and canning and sterilising Frank was let loose with my camera and I always love to see what he has spent time photographing.
Here is a Frank's-eye view of our little world outside:
His new balance bike leading nonchalantly against the bench
An old double boiler he uses in the sand pit

Mr Muffinmoon cutting the grapes from the vine (I'd love to lose the plastic stuff in the garden but Frank loves his slide and his tractor)

The last sunflower holds it's own

Toys in a pot!

Some of the grapes ...

I have also been crafting like a demon with every spare moment and will be back tomorrow with photographic evidence.

Happy Tuesday to you all!
P.S. If you want cute pictures of Frank with grapes head on over to Mr Muffinmoon's blog : Big Swifty.


  1. I love the pic of the truck and trailor in a pot. SERIOUSLY? Where do these kids come up with their crazy set-ups? I love it and it lighten's my heart.

    Love all the fall prep...sounds like fun. It is gorgeous here in Vermont right now. I need to get out and get some pix to share...gorgeous!

    Thanks for your encouragement re: my month of blogging. It has been tough and I am so glad to be in the home stretch!

  2. Sounds like you've been making tons of delicious things with apples! I've been drying them and turning them into applesauce, and still have many many more to process. Love the new vocab word: "scrumping." Hadn't heard that one before.

    Thanks for your comment about Lucy's dress!

  3. Very relaxing over there! I love the pic's thanks for sharing! Ellie has ugly yard art, play toy things too. Thankfully they grow out of them and you can re-do the look! hahaha

  4. Those grapes are beautiful! And apple cider butter? Sounds divine! Look forward to your crafty pics. :)

  5. Oh I just love the kid's-eye-view of things!