Saturday 11 September 2010

It's a lonely road, but we are not alone

Today saw our first meeting of the Colchester Circle D Group that my beloved and I have set up to offer the beginnings of a network for other parents in our town whose children have Type 1.

We thought it would only be us and maybe one other parent, that people might feel too shy to turn up or just not up for talking about diabetes when they deal with it all the time anyway.
But with a facebook group all set up (Colchester Circle D) and the local papers calling me for a telephone interview and coming over for a photo shoot and the consequent article appearing two days before the meeting, things started to pick up.

So, this morning we were so pleased to see so many lovely, lovely people come along to the beautiful walled garden of the Love Bistro (I know, I know, it sounds so like a bad, bad euphemism : "Hey, baby, fancy coming on over to my Lurve Bistro?") and to begin to share their stories.
Oh, my, just to be able to talk about ratios, carbs, insulin names, BG numbers, pumps etc and not have to explain all the time felt so good (and super efficient!).
It does feel good to be with others who get it, so very good.


  1. Oh how wonderful! What a blessing in your life to have this group - simply fantastic!

  2. Nice work! Looks like a lovely get together..It is truly a blessing to be in the company of others who truly just get it!

  3. That is amazing and wonderful!!! I am so happy for you and your family! Having people around who understand and get it is a blessing for sure.

    Congratulations on your first successful get together...the newspaper article is exciting!!! Way to go Jules :)

  4. Brilliant and a lovely photo of you and Frank in the paper.