Tuesday, 21 September 2010

With a little time

It is clear to me that time spent on the laptop trawling through blogs is a continual inspiration to , but it also steals every evening if I let it.
The boy wonder doesn't fall asleep that early and when I finally slump I don't have a lot of creative energy left.
These little beauties from this book were just the ticket for a tired Mama, who didn't want to go out in the dark to the summer house and use the sewing machine but wanted to watch "The IT Crowd" and do some hand sewing. Little Scandinavian Inspired egg cosies for my friend's birthday. Easy peasy to make and fun to sew.
Other crafty things are a-happening too at the moment and I'll post pictures as soon as I remember to take them in the first place! Ahem ...


  1. Those are too cute! I know I can spend WAY too many hours myself reading my fav blogs...I get lost in them if I let myself!

    So glad that you had a moment to do something 'crafty' :)

  2. They are so cute! It is good for the soul to create!

  3. OK...you and Lee Ann Twill are sooo artsy. Unfortunately, that is not my forte. I'll have to live through you guys...and yes, very, very easy to get lost in Bloggity, Blog, Blog land for sure.