Monday 20 September 2010

My love, the poet

It was the fantastic Colchester! Free Festival last Saturday and the Castle park came alive with entertainment of all kinds. There was live music, loads of great food, Granny Camp where you could learn age old skills like knitting and sewing, circus skills for all ages, a Kidstival area with masses for kids to do such as a fake beach with sand and fish to play with and a seaside post office where you could write a postcard and get it sent. There was art and craft and bouncy castles and a general air of life being GOOOOOD.
I did an hour's slot teaching children to finger knit friendship bracelets and Andrew, my talented and oh, so brave, love appeared at the Busk Stop as Fred Slattern, slum poet of Prettygate (that's the area of town where we live). Here he is mid performance. We had sorted out his "costume" the night before with me basically saying, " no, not that either...OK just put these on".
He took all my advice and insisted on badges, which went on his bag.
He looked cool. He performed well and people applauded. And those people were not just Frank and I!
I am the proud wife of a poet.
And he even washes up the dishes, not like most poets who just sit around "thinking".
Back tomorrow with some crafty updates.
Happy Monday to you all.
I want to say a huge thanks to all of you that commented on my trip to the coast in the van. Every comment is like a hug or a squeeze from a friend and means so much.
P.S. Jen, I'll take you and Addison on a road trip anytime!


  1. What a wonderful time you all had! Sounds like a great festival!

  2. A poet AND he washes up the dishes!!! You are a lucky lady my friend :-)

  3. Hubba Hubba! Poet and DISHES!!! LOL. Funny, I have been thinking of writing about my hubby. I know my blog is mostly about me, parenting "d" and Joe...I need to give some credit to my better, more sane, half. xoxo

  4. Hooray for poet husbands who do dishes! We will be seeing you in England for a road trip sometime in the future...I am headed to Portland Oregon this coming weekend on the train just Addison and inspired me to hit the road just the two of us...