Saturday, 30 October 2010

Art or Science?

We have an ongoing discussion in our house about whether the management of diabetes is an art or a science?
Mr Muffinmoon feels it is a science, pure and simple. As does our Diabetes nurse, Shelagh.
For me, however, it is an art, almost pure and almost simple.
For example: At what point are we ever in full possession of all the facts?
Er, that would be never.
Let's talk it through:
How much is Frank going to exercise today?
How much will he grow and how will his hormones affect him today?
How many hissy-fits will he have and how will they affect him?
etc etc etc
There are just so many variables that it is impossible to make a decision and feel entirely confident in it.
Steve posted recently about instinct and mine has served me very well since Frank was diagnosed.
We had friends over for supper the other night and we were talking about this with them.
Mr M stuck to his "It's a science" theory and I stuck with my "It's an art".
I then asked him how then, he would explain the night I got home from Henley and we tested Frank's BG at 10pm, went to bed at 11pm and at 12:10 I got up saying "I can't get to sleep I need to test Frank again, some thing's bugging me".
Frank was at 3.3.
"So, what was that?" I asked Mr M in front of our friends, "An art or a science?"
His reply?
"That? Oh, that was just weird".
So there you have it, there are now three options art, science or weird!
What's your opinion?
I'd love to know.


  1. I say it is 30% science, 70% art and then 100% weird on top!

  2. You are 110% right, my lovely friend!

  3. ART!!!! or arty farty as my family likes to call it ;)

    That and a generous dose of Mom radar.

    Great post!

  4. I was going to say exactly what Jen said! Great minds think alike. :)

  5. sci-art-ence. weird sci-art-ence.

  6. Mostly art, scant science, and all weird!

  7. Weird science conducted with that artistic flair that all D mums possess!

  8. I think science gets you in the ballpark and art is the rest. Weird is a nice way of putting it!!!

  9. I agree with you all. Some people (especially men perhaps?) feel safer with science but I feel safer with art because it allows leeway for intuition in exactly the way that you give as an example. Parenting is an art anyway and D-parenting which I've not had to contend with (thank God, thank you, thank you) is full-on art with a whole lot of science too. As ever, my thoughts are with you.