Saturday, 2 October 2010

Some answers ... and a first

First off a huge thanks to all of you for your advice and good wishes.
I have struggled with these issues so very much and have felt so abandoned at times, but, it turns out, I am the answer.
Accepting and working with what you have rather than expecting anything else seems the way forward.

Some of the answers I have found are as follows:
  • resign my job

  • never leave anyone with Frank who does not appear to take D seriously or refuses/is not able to learn

  • limit my own contact with people that make me feel they don't take D seriously

  • stop trying to explain why I need certain things done and start voting with my feet
  • work hard to remain positive and give new people a chance to learn about D
  • see a therapist for a while to get through the feelings of my own family not seeming to care enough to make an effort when it is a matter of life and death
  • blog and read blogs like mad to find comfort and solace and some fab friends who just "get it"
  • and look for the joy in EVERY SINGLE MOMENT with my boy (not that I don't get ratty and tired too)

Something I love about D (believe it or not) is that it makes certain choices absolute no-brainers.

So much is non-negotiable that the rest falls more easily into place and if you face that with a light heart.

These are the small answers that I have found so far.


We have been enjoying very wet Autumnal weather over here in England and I took Frank into town the other day to buy some felt in Autumn colours to make a garland and promised him a hot chocolate in a cafe.

It was his first such drink.

Normally he gets sparkling water and gets excited about it and about having a straw.

But what with the information available on line and it being so cold I decided to go for it and ordered him a hot chocolate with cream.

It really made me smile the bloody work it was to enable him to ingest 30g of carbs without major problems for his little body.

It was like a military maneuver!

We ate lunch, injected enough insulin to cover the hot chocolate as well and jumped in the van.

With this playing in my head we headed into town, parked and began the walk to the cafe.

Frank did his usual walking on walls, chatting, flopping around saying he can't walk and then a good few minutes from the cafe saying his tummy felt funny.

Bearing in mind I had injected him with extra insulin I was freaking out a bit but we made it to the cafe, a well known one with its carb content on-line, some of you may even have heard of it!

He was a happy bunny, drank his drink slowly and enjoyed every moment.

We coloured and chatted and said we'd do it again on another rainy cold day.


  1. There is nothing like hot chocolate on a cold rainy day! Yay for Frank! I usually have to cover Joe a little light on hot cocoa, otherwise, he goes low.

    Good conclussions that you came to re: your parents and about others and "d" in general. Hang in there. I noticed a rift develope between my mother and I after "d" and it is still there...4 years later. :(


  2. That picture says it all!!! Good job mama! ((hugs))

  3. Your list is fantastic! I must have missed a post? I'll have to check! And special moments like those with hot chocolate are what it all about!