Tuesday, 19 October 2010


The sun shone, the kids played and then fell out and then played again.
We ate well and drank even better.
The kids kept us busy enough to forget to take enough photos.
But I can offer you these of our Saturday morning stroll along the Wivenhoe Trail.
This little munchkin is Nancy on her Daddy's shoulders.
They have the same beautiful red hair.

Matilda and Frank had a great time on their balance bikes and climbing trees.
They were also very eagle-eyed when it came to blackberries and chestnuts. Yum.

And that's my sister, Heather.
It was a busy, lively and fab weekend.
I'll be back very soon with some questions about four year olds and their behaviour. So, brace yourselves. It's gonna get lively!


  1. GREAT PICS :) I love memories in the making!!!!

    Looking forward to your Q's!

  2. SERIOUSLY love the name "Matilda"!!!!! So cool. Looks like fun with your sis and her fam. Looking forward to the Q's...I am sure I have been there and DONE that. Joe was a handful, as you can imagine from my posts.

  3. I'm ready for the four year old questions! I don't know what it is like in your house, but with my four boys, 4 years old was the time we had to de-throne the king!

    What a wonderful trip! I love all your lovely getaways. I'm seriously jealous of them too!