Sunday 17 April 2011

Breathe :: A Giveaway

Well, hello there, lovely peeps!

This is my 200th post (and this must be the worst photo ever published on this 'ere blog!).

I have a poster of this print called "BREATHE" (click here for a better view) by the very talented Nikki McClure (click here only once you have hidden your credit card!) to offer to you as a giveaway today.

The one in the photo is framed and hangs on my dining room wall.

The giveaway poster will be sent in a cardboard tube for you to frame, or not, as you wish.

All you have to do is comment.


I love her work and have a few of her posters framed and placed strategically around the house and in the summer house.

There is something spiritual in the single word, almost a mantra, and one can lose oneself in the details.

Taking a moment to breathe deeply, to connect with the moment, to be here right now, is something often lost to us, be we parents of diabetics or diabetics ourselves (or indeed just humans).

Maybe having this poster will help you do just that.

You have until Sunday evening when the random number generator, aka Frank, will leap into action.

And a final little note:

I am so very grateful for the online support you all offer me.

It keeps me the right side of sane (most days, ahem) and I am always so excited to read your blogs and hear about your gorgeous children.

Long may our support for each other continue.

Off to sniff into my hankie now, after that outpouring of emotion.

So very un-British of me ...


  1. How lovely Jules! Congrats on the 200 th posting! I enjoy your blog so much, hearing about your life, seeing Frank grow and knowing that even across this vast ocean, I have a friend because of D.

  2. Hi Jules.
    Put the hanky anway and use your sleeve, like my daughter! Well done getting to 200 posts and all that. Spiffing!

  3. Brittish people don't have emotions???? Huh. Never heard that ;)

    What a crazy fun way to celebrate your 200th post. I am so glad I started following you (wow, that sounds creepy) so I can continue with you to 300 and beyond!

    Best to you and Frank and the husband. I am so happy you are around :)

  4. Hello. Glad to have found your blog. My youngest son was diagnosed 12-27-2010. It is a blessing to find/read blogs like yours-Thanks.

  5. So lovely! Thanks for the chance.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com