Monday 4 April 2011

Spring is here!

Oh, and it feels good to have the (albeit Northern European) sun on my face and even sometimes on my arms!
We have been having chaotic times with :

  • the dining room emptied of all furniture, books and toys for a lovely guy called Jack to sand and varnish for us. It looks great but we have to wait a few days for it all to harden before life can return to normal.

  • Frank and then myself developing nasty colds and coughs.

  • Planting and digging in the garden (working on beetroot and spuds now)

  • Nature walks with my boy

  • rhubarb from the garden, which I'm going to stew with orange juice and have with yoghurt and granola. Drool, drool!

Happy Spring to you all!

P.S. I am intending to make a vlog sometime showing what we carry around with us. Jen and Reyna and others in the DOC have done great ones. I am going to wait until I get my voice back as I sound like I smoke forty a day with this cough!


  1. Hooray for Spring! And double hooray for a vlog!

    I love your little boys is so sweet!

  2. What is this sun you speak of? I am chilled to the bone here in Seattle and there is no sun in the forecast all week!! Glad you are having some lovely weather! Can't wait to see and you and Frank in action..go Vlog!

  3. Green grass and flowers! I am so envious!