Tuesday 12 April 2011

Self-portrait - yikes!

With the boys off in London for the Circle-D meet up last weekend I had a whole day to myself.

Whole days alone for me are a massive rarity and for a while I was full of the gazillion things I'd get done and rather dizzy all in all.

However, eventually I decided to use it to catch up with my long-overdue "the art of living cheerfully" tasks.

There have been some lovely tasks and I was woefully behind but not stressed at all really.

I was just aware that I wanted to do these things for me and I'd fit them in when I could.

We have been living in chaos whilst the dining room floor was sanded and varnished and I think I mentioned that Andrew was working two jobs for a couple of weeks so I let the "cheerfully" stuff slide a bit.

Saturday saw me having to attempt a self-portrait.

I SOOOO did not enjoy this as is evidenced by the first rather awkward photo of me.

I look like a woman in her forties.

How did that happen?!

I was also to write about what makes me beautiful.

You what now?

Couldn't think of a thing.

Completely stalled.

I do a great job wih my family but often feel like I am lurching from day to day without being fully present in the moment and any thoughts of myself are fleeting and quickly pushed aside to make space for cooking, tidying up and talking about sharks and whales!

This task will have to wait for another time.
Once I'd cringed enough at having to take photos of myself I finished my muffinmoon banner that now hangs in the summerhouse where I am hoping to do some sewing this summer.
Happy Tuesday to you all!


  1. You so do NOT look fourty. You hair has less grey than mine and I am still "only" 35! That banner is amazing. I wish I could sew.

    Frank could do the Newbourne Springs ride on his bike. The other walk has a lot of cattle gates and goes over the railway line. You would have some carrying to do. The second half of that walk would be amazing on a bike though!

  2. I simply love your banner - pretty and inspirational.

    As for you, my dear . . . you are a gorgeous wife, loving mother and fabulous online friend. I admire the adherence to your assignment, as I would have taken DAYS to find just the right angle that didn't reveal too much of what was purposefully left unseen.

    I think the best way to be kind to ourselves is to give.
    - Give ourselves the permission to spend time cooking healthy foods.
    - Give our minds a swift kick in the gray matter when thoughts turn to self-loathing.
    - Give our husbands some credit for choosing a wonderful mate
    - Give our children the knowledge of how to love oneself unselfishly. (Wow, that was a tongue twister!)
    - Give yourself credit for being both a mother AND a pancreas.

    Happy Tuesday back at ya!

  3. Forty never looked so good. Enjoy each day Jules, we don't know when our ride ends on this big blue marble!
    I cannot even fathom a whole day to myself.
    I would probably run around the house in my pajamas and eat chocolate.
    Glad you got one!

  4. You look lovely!
    A whole day to yourself, relish each minute.
    You'll be glad to see the guys but... it's awesome to have the house and your thoughts to yourself!

  5. Oh STOP! YOU ARE GAWGEOUS!!! And...I love the banner too....AND...I wish I had Amy's ability to comment. She is an uber-awesome commentor...even though she called me a "nurse maid" today.

    Love ya Jules. Sounds like some nice times by yourself... Enjoy!

  6. We are our own worst critics. You ARE beautiful. And that banner is fantastic!

  7. I hear ya on the whole self portrait issue...just the reason I haven't posted any vlogs or pics of myself I have aged so fast in the few years. I know it's due to lack of sleep and even more sadly is that I have had a few gift certificates for facials and massages to help with the whole need to relax and rejuvenate, but I've had no chance to do it. Ironic, huh?! And BTW you look great - you look vibrant and ready to tackle the world, or at least some amazing sewing projects. What are you planning to do? I love making banners I did one for Isaac's Bday and for valentines day. I'm in need on inspiration. I just finished a few new pump pocket shirts and knitting some fingerless mittens...now I need to find something for myself that is fun for the summer. Any ideas?

  8. Jules! You look beautiful!! And you ARE beautiful both inside and out. Your heart and soul, your creative spirit, kindness and wicked sense of humor are all things that contribute to your wonderful beauty...

    Looks like you are changing some things up on the blog..it looks great! I love the photos of your banner. How I wish I could sew!!!

    Much love to you!