Thursday 21 April 2011

Springy Spring!

We have been enjoying amazing weather here and have been out and about enjoying the sun on our skin.

Spring has truly busted out and trees are heavy with blossom, flowers are blooming everywhere and Frank and I have enjoyed our first of many a big water fights in the garden.

He won as he had decided that I could use his teeny tiny water pistol and he could use the garden hose.

My, that water was cold!

Today I just wanted to share a couple of pictures from our week.

Colchester Castle and some of the flowers in the Castle Park.

Frank's latest portrait of his parents!

Hall Farm Restaurant and farm shop at Stratford St. Mary.

Great food, cute animals to look at, cool farm shop = fun morning out!

Post water fight, the winner does a victory lap of the garden!


Back soon with a recipe for savoury biscuits.

Happy Eatser to you all!


  1. Great photo of the two of you!
    You have way more spring than we do. I'm jealous.

  2. Frank is quite handy with the photo lens! Is he for hire? Wait, on second thought, I see the final photo and am now not certain of his sense of style ;) What did YOUR victory lap look like?!

    ::sigh:: I wish we had castles in Iowa. Guess a visit across the pond is in order.

  3. What an adorable couple you two make! I love seeing pictures of where you live. Glad Spring has sprung there, still waiting for it here...

  4. Happy Easter to your wonderful family!

  5. I love to see you guys in the photos!

    Happy Easter...give Frank a (((HUG))) from his "cyber" aunt Reyna!!!

  6. These photos made me smile this morning! I am envious of your spring hasn't been much above 40 degrees here..very very depressing!You were in my dreams last night..I dreamt we finally met and you were towering over me at a fantastic 7 feet tall!