Friday 15 April 2011

The hypo in the night

Two nights ago Frank had a hypo at 2:15am.

Well, he called "Mummy" quietly twice in his sleep and, as he sleeps in a little wooden bed right next to ours, I heard him.

The first time I wove his quiet call into my dream and the second time I woke and saw that he had thrown himself forwards on top of the covers.

So, I checked his nappy, which was full and his PJs, which were soaking and got up with a sigh to change the sheets, PJs and nappy. Even with great BG numbers he drinks water in the night.

It has become a habit and I am loathe to force a break in it as most nights he is OK.

This scenario is nothing unusual for us. I got on with the changing and reassuring that he'd be warm and dry in no time and he got on with relaxing and dozing like he normally does.

Then I tested his BG as that very morning I had mentioned to Andrew that it seems like a good idea, if one of us is up anyway to do a test.

He had crashed.


Two point bloody nine!

In the night.

And still drinking copiously, as though he is high.

I believe I muttered "Oh, F**K!" to myself and legged it to the packs of apple juice we leave for just such an occasion (although occasion sounds like a wedding or celebration of some sort and this most certainly wasn't that!).

I applied juice to my child and then sat reading in the room next door for fifteen minutes until I could test again.

Numbers good.

Boy sleeping.

Mama's nerves jangling like a big bunch of keys on a rodeo rider.

Good grief as Charlie Brown would say.


So, anyone new to the Type 1 malarkey, or just a friend popping by, I can say this much:

I am tired.


But I WILL stay awake because adrenalin is an amazing thing and the alternative just doesn't exist.

I WILL do my damnedest to keep my child alive and well even if I lose my mind at times in the process.

I WILL ramble on about Type 1 as though you all know all about it because you really should.


Andrew and I have zero local support network with all this.

We are alone.

But it matters not.

He is ours and we love him.

My heart beats for him.


And anyway, who needs sleep?!

P.S. In case anyone wondered, no, I did not take photos of my sleeping child as he lay in bed at a BG of 2.9!!! This is a photo from earlier in the month when I wanted to capture his messy sleepy hair.


  1. Poor little chap and poor you.
    You are the best mummy in the world.

  2. The d-moms & d-dads are simply amazing, in addition to tired; very, very tired.
    I'm glad you woke up!
    And yes, you are both amazing parents. Frank's lucky!

  3. I love you and Andrew and Frank. I am soooo bummed that you don't have any local support Jules. Please, please, please consider me some of your "long-distance" support.

    If you ever need anything or to just, FB message, anything. xoxo

  4. I recently found support through these blogs as well and it is a wonderful thing!!!! Oh and I don't get sleep either ;)

  5. (((much love and hugs)))

    Those overnight lows are HEART POUNDING!!!!

    Come to AZ anytime -- we have lots of love for ya here :)

  6. Oh night lows are the worst, but you and Andrew are amazing parents and sleep is overrated anyway, right?! We are your support honey and each time you awake at night, you think of us DMamas in the States, all waking too. We are with you in spirit and around you always. You are in my thoughts and prayers and as always, Frank is too. Hugs from here.

  7. Hypos in the middle of the night are so draining. Here's to better numbers tonight!

    This D life is tough, especially without local support. Thank goodness for the DOC!!!

  8. If money were more plentiful I'd be your local support in a second! I hope you guys were able to catch on sleep today after that kind of low...scary. I am glad he's alright, too. How are you feeling after the switcheroo of diet? I loved reading about that and how you came to find that the raw foods weren't working just right.
    I can't wait to hear about your crafts...I'm thinking of making a new quilt for our bed in summer colors, I need something bright!

  9. Gee I could almost have written this post...
    we have no support
    my name is jules
    my heart beats for my kids and im so tired mostly i think im going kooky...
    i also mutter expletives as im running off to get a hypo fix.
    good work xx.

  10. Sending you much love and hugs, Jules. I hate those night time lows...they send me into panics more often then I'd like to admit.