Tuesday, 19 January 2010

11pm and all is quiet. Well, almost ...

Picture the scene.
The boy has had a long nap in the afternoon and so his Mama knows it will take longer than usual to get him to bed. She leaves him at 9:30 and goes downstairs. She chats for a while with Budd and Sev and then hears a few quiet footsteps upstairs and decides to check it out. Hubby quietly says that he thinks the noise is from next door and that Frank is asleep.
Mama finds this!
He has been busy building a "house" of books and is about to line it with pillows and blankets. How I laughed. How close I held him. And how he grinned. I took a photo of him in his "house" and he took one of me in it. I look tired and truthfully this week has taken its toll.
But then...
We the lay on the bed together in the dark and he drifted off as I held him. Nothing beats this. Nothing

My heart beats for this child. He has Type 1 Diabetes and sometimes it's like having a newborn again, especially this week with the new regime of four injections a day and constant worries about hypos and learning about carb counting. I am up in the night to check he is breathing and relieved in the morning when he patters in to see us.
He is my funny little boy, so full of life and his own quirky ways.
And I love him so.


  1. You're a wonderful mom, as evidenced by your smile late in the evening even though your son is wide awake and bright eyed.

  2. Great house! Keep up with the carb counting - it is so hard at first but it gets easier. You find you will be able to recite the carb content of all sorts of interesting foodstuffs :) My complaint is why is the nutritional labelling on food packaging so darn small?!!!