Friday, 1 January 2010

Hitting the trail for a Happy New Year

We started the New Year with a special breakfast of Breton Kougin Aman ( a kind of cake made from pastry and heaps of butter) and fruit salad. We lit a candle and raised our tea cups to 2010 and wished each other much joy and happiness.
Frank had a little gift from Severine for the New Year and we had given him a pretty card to put up in his room and with wishes for the coming year on the back.

Then Sev and I walked from home to town for a cup of green tea and then on to the Hythe to meet Andrew and Frank as well as Mark and Lisa to walk the trail to Wivenhoe. It was a glorious day. Blue sky, crisp air and the feeling of good times ahead.
We parted from Mark and Lisa in Wivenhoe and they went on to visit family whilst we found ourselves in the corner of a cafe enjoying a coffee and sustenance before heading back along the trail.
Andrew walked home and Sev and I strolled with an increasingly tired but still determined to walk Frank to the van at the Hythe. (Note to self: feed the boy more than you think he needs when he is exercising, we had a major rebound this afternoon.)
At home the fire was lit, we had pasta for tea and Frank and I sat under a blanket to watch a little Shaun the Sheep.
A perfect start to the year.

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