Friday, 22 January 2010

Knitty Gritty

To put my own spin on a well-known phrase "when the going gets tough the wobbly-lipped Mama gets knitting".
I have found myself avoiding calling people this week, and if I'm honest, last week too. Diabetes is with me every day, all day and sometimes I need to still the white noise inside with knitting or reruns of QI or Mock the Week and not, I repeat NOT, make calls to lovely, well-meaning people who will need me to explain the whole deal again.

We have received cards and calls and letters from people this week saying how sorry they are that Frank has "taken a turn for the worse" and that they are thinking of us. These things are well-meant and genuinely caring but I really believe that only people with direct or at least very close contact with this condition can understand why I might need a break from it at times.

I cannot spend my evenings once Frank is finally asleep calling people to go over it all again.

That way lies madness.

Madness I tell you!

So, I knit.
That way my hands are full and I can do something a little bit creative too.
I knit like a demon.
And it makes me happy.

I am actually quite mediocre at it but I do it nevertheless!

I make furtive sideways glances at the phone and see the flashing numbers, currently 3 messages, and I pick up the sticks and get going with the string.

Now for the million dollar question: What do you do to avoid calling people back?

Or am I truly the only one that does this?


  1. Having no friends to call back works for me. Knitting is much more fun than retelling the same old diabetes stories, and I don't even like knitting. You are doing a great job, xxx

  2. It sounds as though you are both doing a great job. I still blame myself sometimes when A's blood sugars are up the spout. It's hard not to even though it isn't 'my' fault. Take each day as it comes, I've discovered no two are ever the same! Knitting sounds a great way to vent - I stab wool (a lot) which helps too. Please e mail me if you have any questions or need a chat :)