Saturday, 23 January 2010

Salad for Severine

We are missing our lovely friend and lodger Severine as she has upped and left us for five whole days to visit her pal Roland and seek work in Oxford.
We call her Sev, Severine de France and Taberine depending on our mood and how much we want to wind her up. Taberine was what Frank used to call her before he could pronounce Severine! A tad cute, non?

She came to stay with us as a lodger about four and a half years ago and stayed a year then came back periodically. She is now, after completing her Masters in translation in Paris, back with us and seeking her fortune in the UK.

She is part of our family and looks after us well as she has time on her hands at the moment. She cooks a lot for us and in particular makes the kind of food I love: big salads and soups.
She inflicts quinoa on Andrew but I love it!

However, with her away we have retreated to the lounge this evening for dinner in front of the fire. We are not having quinoa as my ally has deserted me.
Dinner is a hastily assembled spinach-based salad of leftover cold roasted potatoes and garlic with walnuts, Parmesan and parsley eaten with some cold smoked mackerel. Frank has a boiled egg but snaffles nearly all my fish from my plate so I end up eating only the salad.
But that's OK as I have a bottle of Adnams to numb the loss.
It is a good salad and I know Sev would love it.
Plus eating in front of a roaring fire was such a treat this evening.
Frank spent his time between dinner and bed painting pictures for Sev so she knows how much he misses her.
When she gets home on Tuesday it will be spinach salad and artworks!

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