Tuesday, 19 January 2010


OK, so the exclamation mark might strike you as ill-fitting but I was home alone (hubby being out with Sev and Dan at the cinema watching a film about local band blur) and Frank had his first hypo since the new regime started.
I was reading him stories in bed and he looked at me and paused before saying "I'm humry", which is Frank-speak for hungry.

He looked OK but wasn't leaping about like normal of an evening and so I asked him if he was hungry-hungry or wobbly-hungry. This is my attempt to enable him to learn to distinguish from hunger and hypo. He can have food, of course, whatever the situation. He said he was wobbly-humry so I asked him if I could do a "finger test" and he said yes.

He was at 3.1.

Fruit puree and an oatcake with nut butter were munched on and he started to chat a bit more. We lay on the bed together and I told him how much I love him. He smiled at me and asked for a made up story "from your head, Mummy, and with trains"!!

He was OK.

Trians rock when you are three and a half and your favourite toy is your Brio train set.

I tested him again before I went to bed and found a reassuring 8.8.

And breathe.

Is it bad that I was almost relieved to see this hypo? Frank's blood sugar has been so high for so long and with the new regime we have seen a good trend of the numbers falling slowly. A hypo like this feels like a lesson that I can deal with.
I let my boy eat.
A love and respect for good food is essential.
He is growing and we are learning something new every day.
We are grateful for our good life together and very grateful for the support of friends both here and far away.

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  1. I remember my first hypo and it wasn't as bad as Frank's (I had to find a chart to figure out the different numbers). It helped tremendously that I'd been reading lots of blogs and so, had some clue that I should test. I was getting ready to leave the office for lunch with friends but everyone waited until I drank some coke and retested.
    And yup, lower numbers (not the hypos of course) will not only let Frank feel better, you'll be able to breathe more normally!
    Have you checked out the site: Children With Diabetes? http://www.childrenwithdiabetes.com/
    Lots of mum and dads with info!