Thursday, 28 January 2010

Sunsets and rainbows

We had a beautiful Winter sunset the other night. It felt quite magical seeing the reds and pinks lighting up the suburban sky of Colchester.
Today I was at a funeral in Bury St. Edmunds, remembering and celebrating the amazing woman that was Flora, my wonderful friend Pat's Aunt.
Flora passed away recently at the age of 101 (and a half).
Her life spanned so much of modern European history and she was a quiet inspiration to all that knew her.
Yesterday evening Budd and I were enjoying watching one of my 10,000 Maniacs DVDs and I was commenting on how much I love Natalie Merchant's respect and celebration of the small lives of ordinary people. People who are born, raised and live to marry and have families in the little, often insignificant towns of North America.
People not normally celebrated.
People maybe sniffed at by those of better fortunes and opportunities.
But these lives are those on which nations are built and we should never consider them insignificant.
Flora worked for 45 years for the same Jewish family in London, first as a nanny to the three children and then as a housekeeper.
The lives of all were interlocked and she remained in touch with them all her life.
At her funeral we all shed a tear for this small life, beautifully lived, and her favourite song was played.
May we all remember the small lives of those around us.

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