Wednesday 29 June 2011

A Little Trip

Southwold Pier.
Walberswick car park and the beautiful wooden buildings, with Southwold on the horizon.
The white camper van is ours!
Throwing rocks into the sea. Loving wearing his new emergency bracelet, as it is "sea colours, Mummy".
Chocolate ice-cream and full concentration.
The sign outside the Sailors' Reading Room in Southwold (I love a good, and well-placed apostrophe!).
Frank and I are just back from a night away in the van at a lovely campsite in Dunwich up on the Suffolk coast near Minsmere nature reserve.
We drove up on Monday morning, sorted out our pitch and then headed into Southwold for the day.
It was hot and thus busy and, as always, so beautiful.
Southwold is one of my favourite places and as I am a Suffolk girl I have a soft spot for any beautiful place in my county.
We spent time having lunch in a cafe and then strolled along the prom and then had great fun on the pier enjoying the amusements and the view.
After all that we played on the beach for a while but the sun was so very hot we had to beat a retreat and seek out some shade.
On the way back to the campsite we stopped off at Walberswick for ice cream and then spent the evening on the beach throwing stones into the sea and searching for stones with holes in them.
The extreme heat saw us finding it difficult to get to sleep but that was fine as we were together and happy in each other's company.
Each time I go away alone with Frank and the D I gain a little more confidence. As long as I have all the necessary kit and snacks and juice I feel OK and know I can deal with most eventualities.
Andrew returns today after eight days abroad.
I have done this and done it well these past eight days.
I am also ready for some sleep!


  1. I am absolutely loving the confidence boost all this traveling around the DOC is causing! Jen over at I am your pancreas just wrote a post about D being along for the ride in her recent travels and how her fear has waned. Myself just getting back from a 2 week super vacation and oh how I worried before the start of it all how D was going to ruin or overshadow everything . . . . but no! And, I am ready to do it all over again. I love having a big trip under my belt so now weekend excursions won't seem all that intimidating.

    Are those houses on the pier? Or, just shops and such?

    Love the photos and the story. Love you, too, Jules!!!! <3

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip Jules! I wish you were near to me so we could take our boys on a campout together...It is a powerful thing to gain that confidence and feel like you can take charge of D and handle anything. Bravo friend!!

  3. I went to Southwold once, having cycled there through the night from South London - seemed like a good idea at the time!! Great beer and a beautiful beach. Sounds fun and love Frank's bracelet!