Thursday 30 June 2011

The Power of Yes ~ You Can Do This

If you are new to this lark of being a parent to a child with Type 1 Diabetes I have some things I'd like to say:

  • Welcome. Come in and sit down. Have this cup of tea (and yes, we do drink it like this in England, all day!).

  • OK. A door has closed, actually it has slammed in your face, probably bashing your nose as it did so. Children do not get diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes gently, over a long period. It's a sudden diagnosis (with a slow mo "Oh, of course, that's what it was " thing playing out in the parents' heads) and life will NEVER be the same. NEVER. That road you thought you were rolling down is gone. But that's OK because, when it comes to it, insulin exists and your child is about to have a fabulous life.

  • Have a good cry. Shout, sob, let the snot run down your chin. Then pick yourself up and get on. Your child still has Type 1 Diabetes. Damn. Repeat this as necessary. Two and a half years in I do it once or twice every four months or so. I have stopped wondering when I'll get used to it. I already am. It just still knocks the wind out of me on occasion. I still grieve. I am still raw to a great extent. I allow it to and then return to kicking it into shape.

  • Take each day as it comes, at first. Planning for parties and trips and flu season can come, and will come, as and when you need it to. If your child has a fever, read up on fevers. If you have a trip planned, buy juice and snacks and read up on travelling with the D-sprite coming along too.

  • Get on line and CONNECT with others. Yes, you are shocked and yes, you are tired but there is such comfort in being in the company of others who are as wrecked as you. They get it, fully.

  • Say yes to life; to experiences. A regular routine is so good for the management of Type 1 Diabetes BUT doing other exciting stuff feeds the soul and is imperative. Choose wisely the first party or sleepover or trip and plan well. It might still be crazy but you'll learn and you'll feel great for looking it in the eye.

You Can Do This because many others do it too.

And they are not superhuman.

Just parents and carers.

You are not alone.


You can do this also because you have to.

And with that thought comes a certain freedom.

It's non-negotiable.

Get that kettle on and do it with pride and soul and attitude and the knowledge that you are among friends.

P.S. Always skip and eat your carrots.


  1. Lovely! Honest, to the point, excellent advice! :)

  2. Love this! Esp. the part about enjoying life and not letting D stop you. Sometimes I get mired down in it and it's hard to have the energy to get out and live.


  4. I am standing precariously on my swivel computer chair, clapping my hands and giving you a standing, er wiggling, ovation for an awesome post!!! I agree about saying y-e-s! Taking a risk and reaping the rewards. Standing still in the arms of fear will only give D more strength and power.

    As for carrots - - - add in some celery and you've got yourself a deal.

    Pretty pic, too! ;)

  5. Yeah! Love this, straight to the point and concise! LOVE the picture of you!


    And the rest of your post was brilliant as well. :)