Tuesday 21 June 2011

Summer Solstice

Happy Solstice to you all.
The longest day has been a stay-at-home one for us and Frank and I spent some time making a special meal and setting a special table.
I made beef cooked in beer with spicy dumplings, followed by berries and cream.
It was yummy (aside from the fact that Frank wouldn't eat it as the potatoes were the wrong size!!).
Frank decorated the solstice table.
He started small with small tea glasses of flowers from the garden.
And then the muse struck and he went to town with napkins, sea creatures and dinosaurs, carefully placing the meat eaters away from his place so he could eat his meat and they wouldn't steal it!
I couldn't not post pictures of his table.
It was adorable.


  1. Happy Day to you too...we're having a rough "longest day of the year here" and I am wondering why nobody warned me that five year olds would be so incredibly tough to raise, really, really, tough! Hope your feast was amazing and I love the decorations :)

  2. Love the thought behind the carnivores.

    Sweet Jules.