Wednesday 29 June 2011

My little extra safety net

I have a lovely, creative friend (Hey, Tanya!) who is a jewellery designer.
We met when she started the Knit & Natter Group that I have been going to for two years now.
Generally, she works in silver and gold and I love her work.
When she quietly told the small group of us at the knitting group that she had an idea for a range of children's jewellery we were all really pleased for her and, I have to say, I was particularly excited as I thought Frank would really understand why I'd like him to wear one and would feel OK about it.
The bracelet, and there are necklaces too, comes in a range of colours and we chose the sea colours for Frank as he is so into his sea creatures at the moment.
The beads are imprinted with my mobile phone number. If Frank and I are separated anywhere public he knows to tell people that my number is on his bracelet so that I can be contacted.
It has become increasingly clear to me that a medical bracelet is great but Frank has tended not to want to wear one. I would like him to and he will soon I am sure but this one makes sure too that I am contacted for information.
This reassures me as I remain unconvinced that every medical person knows how to deal with Type 1 Diabetes.

My photos don't do justice to Tanya's great work but if you fancy an extra little safety net then I would definitely recommend these.
Frank's one stood up well to beach time and showers and he has taken to reminding me of times we go out to new or big places that he might need his bracelet.
Tanya's website can be found here :
And I get no discount for this!
I just love the product and drool over some of her other stuff too ... but that's for another post.


  1. I adore the idea of the phone number imprint verses the medical condition since many do NOT know what to do for T1D care, even EMTs! I wonder, though, if Frank is unconcious whether or not someone would take the time to call the number . . . . just thinking 'out loud' here, not saying it is good or bad. I do love the colors and the simplicity and the fact that you KNOW the artist and can support her in her beautiful work. I will hop on over now and take a look!

  2. Having that extra layer of comfort is a good thing! Mine and Ubergeek's numbers are on both of the bracelets that Bean has, along with Type 1, but I think the numbers are the most important part. I agree that not everyone understands what to do with T1s and feel good knowing that a contact number is right there in case she can't remember them!
    Headed over to check out the goodies!! :)