Sunday 19 June 2011

this week

This week
  • I am admiring the third Milo vest I have completed, this one is for baby Ruben's first birthday. He is one in October and I can't quite grasp that I have this ready in June! Andrew's Christmas jumper is still languishing in the knitting basket. He might get it for his birthday in August. Or next Christmas ...
(this is an owl cable, can you see why?)

  • I am working hard to get on top of the spread of toys and laundry around the house, hoping to get things cleared enough to think straight when Andrew goes away for eight days very soon.
  • I am loving the Frank's-eye-view I get whenever he borrows my camera and pads around the house capturing his world.
in our bathroom, which is the Sea Room, part of Frank's "My Museum" that takes up the whole house (complete with whale sharks and "sea dinosaurs")

  • I am pleased to have found time to watch "The King's Speech" and loved it. The only strange moment that had Andrew and I laughing out loud was seeing Tim Spall being Winston Churchill. I am a big Tim Spall fan and his face was almost too well known to be Churchill. I felt that by then I had already accepted far too many well known faces as other people to take anymore. Mr Darcy is Bertie, Duke of York? Bellatrix Lestrange is the Duchess of York? Elizabeth Bennett is now married to Jeffrey Rush, the ghost pirate? And now Peter Pettigrew is Winston Churchill! My brain was melting with all the cross-referencing!
  • I am finding joy at rediscovering an old habit; that of knitting whilst watching flickr slide shows of my favourite creative bloggers or photographers whose work inspires/relaxes me.
  • I am loving the full-on rain we have had. Our crops and gardens SO need this. Farmers around the country, I am sure, are breathing sighs of relief.
  • I am battling BG numbers in their teens and a boy who scarcely eats a whole meal but wants to graze. Grazing is good but hard on the D-parent sometimes,
  • I am still shocked at visiting my parents and going with them to their local supermarket to witness my nearly 80-year old mother take a small and very sharp serrated knife out of her handbag. She then proceeded to chop the stalks off the broccoli she was intending to buy. My gasp of horror led only to her explaining what she was doing and saying that as she didn't eat the stalk she didn't want to pay for it! I now await the knock on the door as the police arrive to tell me she has been taken into custody for WALKING AROUND WITH A WEAPON IN HER OLD LADY HANDBAG.
  • I am really pleased with myself for chatting to the manager of Starbucks in town and securing the Community wall for a little exhibition of photos I want to put up called "The Face of Diabetes". The idea is to counteract the ongoing struggle we seem to have to make people recognise that Type 1 diabetes is not the same as Type 2. That wall is mine in November! Just have to get myself organised, it could creep up on me. Thanks to Jen for motivating me to do this. I'd had the idea for a while but just hadn't done anything about it. Then the day after I did this we had a new TV ad here in the UK about going to local pharmacies to get yourself tested for Diabetes. Not Type 2 Diabetes. Just Diabetes. Well, the Type 1 D-parents and D-adults swung into enraged action and the ad was altered with a message along the bottom of the screen saying something along the lines of "Type 2 diabetes only. Not for you if you are under 16 or have already been diagnosed with diabetes". The D-Community was absolutely right to swing into this action not just because of the lazy labelling and consequent emotional pain and possible medical confusion caused but also to raise awareness of diabetes and its complications there has been a sculpture of LIMBS in Trafalgar Square as a shock tactic. What four year old Type 1 diabetic doesn't need to see a pile of limbs as a warm-hearted message about his condition, eh? (That was a sarcastic, rhetorical question by the way!)
  • I am mostly wearing cardigans and my clogs. And channelling Jesse from The Fast Show. (Just look for The Fast Show on You Tube for it. It's all good! I loved this show.)
Happy Weekend to you all!


  1. So, your mom...the knife, the broccoli had me roaring...honestly? I don't think I have ever seen such a think. Perhaps she should start coring apples too while shopping. What a cute story.

  2. Your mum is the last of the dinosaurs really - the people who lived through the war and are still counting every penny. It's too ingrained now to stop!

    I saw the diabetes ad and as the wife of a type-2 sufferer and mother of his children I made darn sure the children didn't see it. Just what they need - extra stress about thier father's condition. Not putting down your boy's needs at all. I just thought it was a terrible ad whichever side you looked at it from.

    So, the fast show huh?! Classic comedy!

  3. Oh my giddy aunt (I've been dying for a reason to use that!) between your mom and the sculpture of limbs?!?!
    So excited for you about the show at cool!!

  4. I love that you're still knitting in June, I have such trouble doing it during the "warmer" seasons (I use that term loosely around here as it's still in the 50's on a good day!) I love that you're taking on a "faces of diabetes," I appreciate advocacy in all forms and know that it'll benefit numerous children and adults in your community. I'm off to check out your show you like on youtube - I love clogs and a cozy sweater :)

  5. Good for you Jules!! So excited to hear about your photo show..that is amazing! Your Mom has the balls to do what I always think about doing at the grocery store! I don't like stalks either and I get annoyed when they make up most of the weight of the broccoli you pay for by the pound! Your mom is my hero!

  6. (tried to post this comment and it looked like it got eaten, apologies if it pops up twice)

    Your mom sounds like a HOOT, though it does beg the question, is this something she has done in the past and gotten away with??

    I love your faces of diabetes idea and motivation and look forward to seeing the project as it progresses.

    Finally, PILE OF LIMBS WTF!