Tuesday 27 October 2009

Anyone for tea?

The customer enters the cafe under his umbrella as it is raining.
He takes his umbrella down and finds himself a table.

He orders ginger tea.

And watermelon.

We woke this morning with colds, Frank's being more in evidence at first but mine fast catching up as the day progressed. After popping out shortly this morning we spent the afternoon doing puzzles in Frank's room, playing cafes in the lounge and snuggling on the sofa reading, watching children's telly and drinking ginger hibiscus tea with honey.

At bedtime Frank fell asleep as I was in the middle of making up a Charlie and Lola story. I think the Aroma stone with the anti-viral oil and eucalyptus oil in his room helped. I hope some of it drifts into my room tonight.

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