Saturday 3 October 2009

Hospital visit, apples and the first fire

The sun comes into the kitchen in the mornings. I love making breakfast with the morning sun for company.
Frank's quarterly check-up at the hospital went well this week. He has gained weight, which is good as he has been on the thin side since diagnosis. He was really brave, even when legging it down the corridor and out of the building with me running after him, and really does seem to be getting used to being there now and then. His blood check showed us that his overall blood glucose level had gone up a bit but after analysing his numbers for the past three months Doctor Cackett agreed that there wasn't anything she'd do differently and to make an appointment for three months time. He is now due his yearly blood test for thyroid function and so I will be taking him back for that next week.
Budd had been scrumping that day too and had come home from his secret location with four enormous bags of apples of different varieties. So, once back from the hospital Budd and Frank set all the apples out on the dining room table and I went off to teach my class.
The next morning saw us doing this

We made the first of no doubt many vats of stewed apples, these first ones with no sugar or even spices. They are my control apples. We have never really added sugar to stewed fruit and when others do it tastes hugely over-sweet to me. I do like to add herbs or spices, such as cinnamon, ginger or thyme to stewed apples. Watch this space for the next batches.
This morning Frank and I headed out for a slice of banana cake at Growing Together, a fantastic, independent garden centre with a cafe, out near Layer Marney. We had a great time munching our cake, running around with the piglets, saying hello to the Indian Runner Ducks and chickens and buying some cyclamen for the pots at the front of the house. Frank also chose some plants to decorate the mini duck pond that he has been digging in the lawn and filling with water. I will include some photos soon, but it looks like an oasis at the moment with cyclamen, cacti, strings of conkers and beaded necklaces embellishing it!

Many friends are surprised that Frank can eat cake at all. It is one of the ironies of Type 1 diabetes that he eats more sugar and drinks more juice now than I ever allowed him before diagnosis. With insulin on board and a tendency to run around like a (thank you, thank you) normal three year old he will need the extra fuel. Keeping him acitve means he can eat cake and have ice cream, although I continue to be vigilant about ingredients and quality, just like I would be were he not diabetic. Timing of snacks is everything and I prefer to plan Frank's snacks and treats for as early in the day as possible to allow ample time to run off any extra blood sugar.
And I write all this sitting in front of the first fire of the Autumn, laid by Budd and Frank, and so cosy.

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